What better way to start planning your wedding than to win a lottery that will take care of the expenses and leave enough for a lot of other things? Michael Innes and fiancée Megan Fulton are the lucky couples who won £1 million just when they had started planning their nuptials. Megan is a student of nursing, while Michael is an offshore worker who works as a catering steward in Buckie. The young couple still cannot believe their luck and the timing of the win. They currently live in his parents’ house at Buckie, while they live at Tenerife.

Celebrating the win in style

The couple celebrated their amazing win at Elgin’s Mansion House Hotel. Neither of them could hide their excitement and all that they could do with the money. For the young couple about to get married and start a new life, it has definitely been a great start. They are still not able to believe that they got so lucky at an online Monopoly millionaire game by National Lottery. Michael’s parents are equally happy and excited for the couple and their big win.

Michael is hoping the excitement does not come in the way of Megan’s nursing exams that is scheduled for a week after they won.

Plans for the future

The couple is relieved that they can now plan their wedding and life as a married couple better, now that they have all this money to plan for their life. They plan to have the wedding they have always wanted instead of settling for something smaller and simpler that they had decided on before the win. They are also planning to buy a house for themselves so that they could move out of his parents’ place after marriage. They plan to hold off any other major decisions till later, when they get over all the excitement and are in a better position to make decisions.